Bore Hill Farm Anaerobic Digestion/Biogas Plant - Air Quality Assessment

Malaby Biogas

Air Quality Consultants Ltd. formed part of the project team, led by Engain, which achieved planning approval in 2010 for the construction of a new Anaerobic Digestion facility outside of Warminster, Wiltshire, which is now operational.  The project involved the redevelopment of a disused farmhouse and associated buildings into a Biogas plant (including visitor centre), along with new business units.  The plant has since won environmental and sustainability awards.

The air quality assessment provided a review of existing air quality conditions in the area, and incorporated detailed dispersion modelling to assess the air quality impacts of the CHP emissions on existing nearby sensitive ecosystems and vegetation.  A qualitative assessment of potential odour impacts from the facility was also undertaken.   Potential dust impacts during the construction phase of the development were also assessed.   Once planning permission was achieved, Air Quality Consultants Ltd contributed to obtaining the permit from the Environment Agency.

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