Bristol Rovers Stadium, UWE, Bristol - Air Quality Assessment

Bristol Rovers

Air Quality Consultants Ltd. formed part of the project team, led by Pegasus Planning Group, which achieved planning approval from South Gloucestershire Council in 2012 for a new 21,700 seat stadium.  The project involves the construction of the new stadium, along with over 1,000 parking spaces, on greenfield land owned by the University of the West of England.

The air quality assessment provided a review of existing air quality conditions in North Bristol, and incorporated detailed dispersion modelling to determine air quality conditions in the future for existing local residents, taking account of the additional traffic that the development would generate.  Consideration was given to the impacts of a gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant, and advice provided on the best emissions release point for minimising impacts.  Potential dust impacts during the construction phase of the development were also assessed, along with the potential for odour impacts from food outlets on match days.  Discussions with the air quality officer in the local Council were held throughout, to ensure that all concerns were addressed.

Very short notice but an excellent response.

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