Ealing Air Quality Action Plan Update 2017

London Borough of Ealing

Air Quality Consultants was responsible for updating the Air Quality Action Plan for the London Borough of Ealing in 2017.  Ealing declared a whole borough Air Quality Management Area in 2000 for both nitrogen dioxide and PM10, and the original Action Plan, published in 2003, was considered out of date.  Air Quality Consultants convened a local Steering Group, comprised of transport planners, land-use planners and air quality professionals at different levels of governance (i.e. local to Ealing, on a West London scale, with GLA being consulted at all stages).  A list of actions was developed in consultation with the Steering Group at the initial meeting, with Air Quality Consultants providing recommendations on potential measures based on previous experience.  The measures were evaluated qualitatively, related to air quality, socio-economic and other environmental impacts, feasibility, cost-effectiveness, timescale for implementation etc.  Prioritisation of options was then undertaken and compiled into a comprehensive report, suitable for wider stakeholder consultation.  Air Quality Consultants then provided advice on the format of the Public Consultation, and analysed the outcomes of the questionnaire surveys.  The draft Ealing Air Quality Action Plan can be found at: https://www.ealing.gov.uk/downloads/download/4240/air_quality_action_plan_aqap

We have worked with AQC on a number of occasions and have always been pleased with their service.