Four Biomass Boilers, Stockport - Air Quality Assessment


Air Quality Consultants Ltd., working on behalf of Econergy, assisted in achieving planning approval in 2012 for the installation of four biomass boilers at four separate locations in Stockport.  The project involved the installation of biomass boilers to provide district heating to apartment blocks forming part of the Stockport Homes estate.  The biomass boilers have now been installed and are fully operational.
The air quality assessment provided a review of existing air quality conditions in the area, and incorporated detailed dispersion modelling, using the ADMS-4 model to assess the air quality impacts of the boiler emissions on existing residential receptors in the area.  

Ben Marner compiled the Air Quality chapter for the Broadmoor Hospital ES, which I co-ordinated. He did a thoroughly excellent job and I have recommended him for more work and bids since then. I would have no hesitation in using him again on any ES I was leading, for any type of development.

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