Investigating the Need for a New Chimney Stack - Environment Agency Permit Application

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A factory manufacturing animal food had been in operation for 20 years.  Emissions were being vented through louvers on the side of the building.  Operations had increased to the point where a ‘Part A’ permit was required from the Environment Agency (EA) under the IPPC Directive.  The operator had consulted the EA, who indicated that the plant would need to be reconfigured, including venting the existing emissions from a new chimney stack protruding several metres above the roof.

The site operator estimated the cost of installing the system suggested by the Environment Agency as more than £100,000.  The operator was also concerned that installing a prominent stack above their building might trigger local opposition.

Air Quality Consultants was commissioned to find a solution.  The site and its surroundings were examined, and the emissions tests reviewed.  Numerical dispersion modelling was then carried out in order to determine the impact that the plant was having on local air quality.  

Air Quality Consultants was able to demonstrate that the existing configuration of the plant was acceptable.  The Environment Agency accepted these conclusions and granted a Part A permit to the site operator.
Consulting Air Quality Consultants, rather than just accepting the Environment Agency’s requests, saved the client more than £100,000 in up-front costs, as well as avoiding potential local opposition.  

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