Land South of Clovelly Road - Bideford

Linden Homes Ltd

Air Quality Consultants was commissioned by Linden Homes Ltd to provide an air quality and odour assessment for the development of land south of Clovelly Road in Bideford, Devon.  The scheme, comprising up to 550 residential units, a primary school and public open space was granted outline planning approval in 2017.

Air Quality Consultants produced a detailed air quality assessment as part of the Environmental Statement submitted in support of the planning application. A particular issue raised during the application process was with respect to odours from a dairy farm to the southwest of the development site. Air Quality Consultants produced a detailed odour assessment, incorporating an odour risk assessment, odour dispersion modelling and odour ‘sniff tests’.

Thoroughly enjoyed working with AQC. The final report is excellent and just what I had hoped for. Thank you.