Savoy Circus - Hammersmith

Tide Construction Ltd

Air Quality Consultants was commissioned by Tide Construction Ltd to provide an air quality assessment for the development of 1 Savoy Circus in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.  The residential-led scheme was granted planning approval, subject to conditions in 2016, for 306 student accommodation rooms, a ground floor cafe and a site-wide energy centre. 

Air Quality Consultants provided input to support the discharge of conditions relating to air quality, providing a low emission strategy and dust management plan for the construction works.  A specific consideration was the effect of existing pollution from nearby roads upon future residents of the new development, and in particular, the effects of reduced dispersion from street canyons.  The detailed air quality assessment, including street canyon effects, was supported by literature study on the uncertainty in street canyon effects and how they are treated in dispersion models.  Agreement was reached with the Council on the likely air quality effects, and ventilation requirements were subsequently determined.

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