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On-Going Customer Survey Results Updated


Delivering sound, reliable expert advice and a consistently high quality of service is fundamental to everything that Air Quality Consultants does. The company’s on-going client survey shows that 99.5% of clients find Air Quality Consultants’ service to be ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, with the vast majority rating it as ‘excellent’. Further details are provided below.

About the survey

In August 2011 Air Quality Consultants commissioned a survey to measure how clients rate the company’ service and find out what they value most about working with Air Quality Consultants.  Since that time clients have been routinely invited to give their feedback in order to ensure that the quality of the work is being maintained.  This forms part of the Company’s QA/QC programme, which is certified to ISO 9001 (2008). 

As of October 2017, 204 survey responses have been received, and the year-on-year results over the six years show consistent performance. 

Key findings

The overall service that clients receive from Air Quality Consultants is rated as either excellent or good by 99.5% of respondents, with the vast majority (77%) rating the service as excellent; these numbers are up on those reported July 2016. This success is largely down to the knowledge and expertise of the Company, which is rated by 99% of respondents as excellent or good, with 100% of respondents rating the quality as excellent or good.

The full results are shown below

Air Quality Consultants Launches New Noise Practice


Noise Consultants has been launched as a sister company to Air Quality Consultants.  Noise and vibration expert, James Trow, will be the Managing Director.  The new company will offer a wide range of environmental noise and vibration consultancy services to the private and public sectors.

Air Quality Consultants was established in 1993 and has become the UK’s leading independent specialist air quality consultancy.  The launch of Noise Consultants will provide clients with the opportunity for a joined-up approach to meeting their air quality and noise assessment requirements.

Noise Consultants will be led by James Trow, who was formerly Technical Director at Amec Foster Wheeler (now Wood plc), where he led the UK noise and vibration team.  He has a strong technical background in noise and vibration assessments for a wide range of industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects.

Welcoming James, Prof Duncan Laxen, Managing Director of Air Quality Consultants said: 

“We are delighted that James has joined us to lead our new noise consultancy practice. He brings significant technical experience and specialist skills in areas from aviation to planning and development projects. James has a reputation for managing and delivering robust and innovative work to clients in both the private and public sectors. His technical expertise coupled with his focus on quality and excellent service are the same core values that have led Air Quality Consultants to its position as the leading independent air quality consultancy in the UK.

James Trow said:

“I am delighted to be leading Noise Consultants. The team at Air Quality Consultants is renowned for the expert knowledge and the excellent service it provides to its clients across a wide-range of sectors. I’m looking forward to developing the noise and vibration practice, and delivering to these same high standards.”

Noise Consultants Limited, Station House, Central Way, Warrington, WA2 7TT.

Tel:  01925 937195

Email:  JamesTrow@NoiseConsultants.co.uk

Web:  www.noiseconsultants.co.uk

Odours from Kitchen Flues


Air Quality Consultants has carried out numerous assessments of odour emissions from commercial kitchen flues over the last few years.  These assessments cover both new sources that may affect existing nearby properties and new properties proposed close to existing sources. 

Defra guidance is helpful for carrying out such assessments.  It identifies the risks of significant odour impacts based on the nature of the cooking, the size of the food outlet, the location, height and design of flue, and the proximity of the exposure. 

It is surprising how many flues are inappropriately located.  One of the worst seen by Air Quality Consultants during a recent job is shown below!

Mitigation can range from changing the location of the emissions, for example ensuring they are discharged above the roof line to allow better dispersion, to requiring the fitting of carbon filters to remove odours from the flue.


Articles Published on NOx from Diesel Vehicles and on the Assessment of Generator Emissions


Dr Ben Marner and Kieran Laxen of Air Quality Consultants have had articles published in the recent special issue of the Institution of Environmental Sciences magazine ‘environmental SCIENTIST’.  The magazine, entitled ‘Time for a New Clean Air Act’ (available here), had 11 articles from air quality experts addressing a range of current air quality topics.

The article by Ben Marner, ‘Fact or fiction: The story of measuring NOx emissions from modern diesel vehicles’ (available here), deals with our evolving understanding of real-world emission of nitrogen oxides from diesel vehicles, and how Euro standards have not delivered what they should have.  It is based on detailed reviews of the literature carried out by Ben, which led to his development of Air Quality Consultants’ CURED tool to take account of real-world emissions from diesel vehicles for use in air quality assessments.

The article by Kieran Laxen ‘Will backup generators be the next ‘Dieselgate’ for the UK?’ (available here), sets out how the growth in the use of generators to provide power to the grid is providing air quality challenges.  The article, which draws on Kieran’s extensive experience of assessing such generators, identifies that impacts can be wrongly ignored on the basis the generators are not used all the time.  Kieran has since been inputting to Defra’s adoption of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive, which will cover generators, and to Environment Agency guidance designed to ensure impacts are appropriately assessed.

CURED V2A compared to COPERT 5.0


Defra has incorporated COPERT 5.0 emission factors into the Emission Factor Toolkit (EFT) that it is using to develop the Air Quality Plan for the UK.  However, this new EFT has not yet (as of 10 July 2017) been made available to the air quality community.  Some of the emission factors for diesel cars and vans in COPERT 5.0 are higher than those incorporated in the currently available EFT v7.

Air Quality Consultants previously produced the CURED V2A spreadsheet tool (August 2016 version available here) to address the deficiencies of the EFT v7. 

Air Quality Consultants has now carried out a high-level comparison of the CURED V2A tool against the emissions from COPERT 5.0 (available here).  This shows, in broad terms, that CURED V2A still provides a robust sensitivity test of future vehicle emissions.

The continued use of CURED V2A will be further reviewed once Defra publishes its new EFT based on COPERT 5.0 emissions.

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