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Results From On-going Customer Survey


Delivering sound, reliable expert advice and a consistently high quality of service is fundamental to everything that Air Quality Consultants does. The company’s on-going client survey shows that 100% of clients find Air Quality Consultants’ service to be ‘excellent’ or ‘good’, with the majority rating it as ‘excellent’. Further details are provided below.

About the survey

In August 2011 Air Quality Consultants commissioned a survey to measure how clients rate the company’ service and find out what they value most about working with Air Quality Consultants.  Since that time clients have been routinely invited to give their feedback in order to ensure that the quality of our work is being maintained.  This forms part of the Company’s QA/QC programme, which is certified to ISO 9001 (2008). 

As of July 2014 119 survey responses have been received, and the year-on-year results over the three years show consistent performance. 

Key findings

Everyone rates the overall service that they receive from Air Quality Consultants as either excellent or good, with the vast majority (73%) rating the service as excellent. This success is largely down to the knowledge and expertise of the Company, which is rated by 78% of respondents as excellent, while everyone rates the quality of the work as good or excellent.

The full results are shown below.

Air Quality Neutral in London


The Mayor of London has published Supplementary Planning Guidance on Sustainable Design and Construction (access here).  This includes a requirement that new developments in London are air quality neutral.  All major new developments, taken to be 10 or more dwellings or 1,000 sq metres or more floor space for all other developments, will have to calculate the building and transport emissions and compare these with a benchmark for development.  The calculations cover the emissions of nitrogen oxides and PM10.  The guidance also sets emission limits for boilers and centralised energy plant.

Air Quality Consultants Ltd is well positioned to apply this guidance, as the company developed the air quality neutral approach, under a contract from the Greater London Authority.  The report produced for the GLA sets out the basis for the interpretation of the “air quality neutral” policy and can be accessed here.

The London Boroughs are already asking for an air quality neutral assessment to be carried out for new developments and Air Quality Consultants Ltd is now applying this assessment to all jobs it is undertaking in London.  The air quality neutral calculations will require additional information to be provided by developers and their consultants, principally on the annual energy use (not electricity) and trip generation (cars only).

Presentation to Chinese Visit


Prof. Duncan Laxen, Managing Director of Air Quality Consultants Ltd, was invited by the UK Royal Academy of Engineering to give a presentation to a delegation from the Environmental Protection Department of Hunan Province in central China. He outlined the UK approach to the control of air pollution, showing the tiers of influence, from the European Union down to Local Authorities, that all have a part to play. He then described the current understanding of PM2.5 sources in the UK, emphasising the complexity of the challenge to control exposure to PM2.5, given the many different primary and secondary sources.

The Chinese delegation was keen to learn from UK experience given the extreme pollution levels that occur in Hunan. They noted that the Hunan Province has a population similar to that of the UK.

Now Recruiting


Air Quality Consultants Ltd wishes to recruit a highly qualified individual to join a large team of consultants providing air quality consultancy services to both the private and public sector across the UK. If you are interested, then please look at our recruitment page here.


Updated Guidance on Construction Dust Assessment


The Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) has revised and updated its guidance on assessing dust from demolition and construction activities (available here). Prof. Duncan Laxen, Managing Director of Air Quality Consultants Ltd and Dr Ben Marner, Technical Director of Air Quality Consultants Ltd were both members of the working group that developed the revised guidance. A new aspect of the guidance is inclusion of a detailed section on mitigation measures that should be applied during demolition and construction.

The updated approach:

  • assesses the risk of dust impacts arising without mitigation, taking account of
  • the magnitude of dust emissions and
  • the sensitivity of the area; and
  • uses this information to propose site-specific mitigation.

It concludes that, with appropriate dust mitigation, the residual effects will normally be not significant.

Air Quality Consultants Ltd is now applying the updated guidance to its air quality assessments for all new projects.

When required, this information is also used to help prepare a Dust Management Plan for the demolition/construction phase of a project. Where appropriate, this can include dust monitoring, which follows separate IAQM guidance (available here). Steve Moorcroft, Director of Air Quality Consultants Ltd chaired the IAQM working group that developed the dust monitoring guidance.

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